Netalliance provides Virtual Enterprise Solutions for companies that allow them to become more competitive, save money and be more productive.

solution #6 - Virtual Networking (Electronic File Transfer)


Do your clients ever say things like this?

  • I need it NOW
  • I have a deadline of TOMMOROW
  • Can't I get it TODAY
Do you see your Fed Ex or Courier person more than you see your husband or wife because of these types of requests? Well, up until now you rolled up your sleaves, hurriedly cranked out some work, and then begged the Fed Ex guy to stop by your home at 1:00am to pick-up a package.

Netalliance has partnered with Luminous and can deliver cross-platform electronic file transfer with their Luminous Virtual Network software and our telecommunications.

virtual network
While virtual networking might not stop your client from saying that they need it now, it might just allow you to stop your close friendship with the courier person. Take a closer look at imagexpo for more information and ordering.

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