Netalliance provides Virtual Enterprise Solutions for companies that allow them to become more competitive, save money and be more productive.

a selection of internet solutions for your company

solution #1 - communicate more efficiently and effectively

Turnkey Internet Access allows companies to use the Internet as a strategic business tool. Here you'll find everything you need to know about how to empower everyone in your organization -- from your one-stop connectivity resource: Netalliance!

solution #2 - roam the world and never be out of touch

Ever wish your computer had a 'roaming' feature like your cellular phone? Your wish is granted! Through Netalliance's participation in iPass, over 5,000 access-points worldwide are just a click away at VERY reasonable rates. Check out our iPass solutions and sign-up before your next trip!

solution #3 - save BIG money with VPN

Netalliance offers you technology to harness the public Internet for your remote access or LAN-to-LAN applications. VPN technology can replace existing dedicated networks, saving your company money as well as expanding capabilities to users and branch offices that might not have been economical in the past.

solution #4 - develop a new distribution channel

By promoting your companies products on-line with a on-line catalog. Here you'll find information on developing an on-line interactive catalog for your company. This information can be used in many new and exciting ways, for instance, this information can be placed on your remote sales representatives notebook computers and be used as a presentation tool, if can also be used as a selling method of allowing customers to order information right from your internet web site at any time of day from anywhere. It opens new distribution methods and it will help your business grow. < P>

solution #5 - establish your global e-business with us

The Web is a level playing field, where the 'little guy' can make a world-class presentation that rivals the best of the 'big guys.' Information is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year from anywhere. Here you'll find information about our Advanced Web Site Hosting services.

solution #6 - save FedEx Courier hassles and save your clients time

Want to know the best way to send and receive files? We have the perfect solution - Luminous Virtual Network. This solution takes all of the headache out of trying to send your files to your clients and vice-versa. No more worrying about having the wrong compression format, the right FTP directory. None of that stuff. Virtual Network makes it as easy to send a file as it saving one onto your hard drive.

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