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solution #3 - VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Save yourself money, long-distance charges, modem headaches, and increase remote worker's productivity utilizing Netalliance Internet access and our VPN access solutions. VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology allows your authorized users to utilize the public Internet as if it were an expensive 'private network' dedicated for your organization. VPN hardware and software encrypts the real-time information flow over the Internet, so you can access corporate e-mail, mount disk and print shares on the LAN, and even run client/server applications without risk of of data being intercepted or unauthorized access to your networks. The VPN hardware and software authenticates users into the local area network to allow them to use resources from the local network as if they were locally connected. Utilizing the Internet as a low cost, universally available transport medium, clients now are given the option of linking smaller remote offices to the corporate network that previously might not have been cost effective. You will also be able to save significant money over your existing private data communications infrastructure by utilizing the less expensive, 'all you can eat' pricing model of the Internet as your new remote access or LAN-to-LAN transport mechanism. Take a look at our VPN offerings for more information and ordering.

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