Integrate your existing email software with the Internet to extend the reach of your email to the rest of the world

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Communication is the key to business, and there's nothing like email for communicating. Electronic mail, which transforms a desktop or laptop PC into a personalized messaging system, has become ubiquitous. Today's email is more than just a way to send a memo. The best email packages work on a variety of networks, offer a blizzard of features to simplify information sharing, and store messages for later retrieval. They automate message routing, offer easy-to-complete forms for managing deliveries, and make provisions for remote as well as in-house users. And they're getting more affordable all the time.
Which email system is best for your business? Like so many other software decisions, that depends on a number of things. What kind of network are you using? What kind of mail system do you want--a bare-bones messaging package, easy to learn but possibly easy to outgrow, or feature-rich email that may demand extra training time? Do you plan to constantly shuffle documents and data files between users, or just text? And how much money do you want to spend?
Getting your email integrated with the Internet is often a complicated process involving gateway software, and different rules not standard in proprietary email systems. Netalliance specializes integrating email gateways and getting Internet email for your organization.
In general, there are two type of email server software on the market today. Proprietary email software like CE Software's Quickmail and Microsoft Exchange, and the other type is an Internet-based mail server like DEC's AltaVista Mail. Depending on you goals for the use of your internal email software, you might find one type of email software more beneficial than the others.

Proprietary Systems are typically customizable and can include things such as:

  1. Rich text, colors, and images
  2. Forms, email routing and other workflow type solutions

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