Netalliance specializes in bringing ISDN Internet Connectivity to your organization.

We deliver a turnkey solution, handling everything from coordination with telecommunications carriers, to firewalls and rollout of internet services on your LAN.

isdn network internet access

ISDN has been called a "technology of the future". But it is also a vital part of today's global networks, addressing today's needs for speed and quality. As the world's telecommunications network becomes increasingly digital, ISDN is the final link extending this digital system to the desktops of individual users. Thus, the same twisted-pair copper telephone line that could traditionally carry only one voice, or one computer or one fax "conversation" can now carry as many as three separate "conversations" at the same time, through the same line. ISDN is the "magic" that makes this happen.

Advantages of a Digital Network

Why is a digital network important? There are two basic reasons: quality and speed.

First, digital signals have a very high signal/noise ratio; that is, they ignore the static and noise that often affect analog transmissions. Signal quality is especially troublesome over long distances and older telephone lines, where digital signalling delivers connections of the highest possible quality. They offer quiet, static-free, voice conversations, and virtually error-free data connections, worldwide.

Second, they carry data at significantly higher speeds, and promise even greater speeds as digital compression and other techniques become more sophisticated and available.

ISDN is much more than a telephone line; it's actually a multichannel circuit that can be shared by multiple telephones, PCs, fax machines and other terminal devices. ISDN can handle any type of information-including computer files, images, video, voice and high-quality audio -- that can be converted to digital form.


  1. Speed... ISDN enables you to transmit data at up to 128 kilobits per second (Kbps) without compression, and at speeds as high as 512 Kbps with compression.
  2. Call setup time is just 3 to 5 seconds, compared with an average of 20 to 30 seconds to establish connections on a conventional computer modem call
  3. Quality... ISDN is all-digital, the signal is pure and error-free at the rated speed, with none of the electrical "noise" and dropped lines typical of analog systems. The service is engineered to standards of 99.99+% availability.
  4. Make the most of your investment in hardware and software
  5. Enjoy easier access to global information networks

Since conventional, analog telephone lines were never designed to carry data, communication with the Internet via analog connections can be both troublesome and unacceptably slow. ISDN Single Line Service solves this problem and offers vastly improved performance by providing a high-speed, all-digital link to the public telephone network--and through it, to the Internet and commercial on-line services.

Perfect For
  1. File Transfer - Graphics, documents, files between groups
  2. Messaging - E-mail
  3. Client Server Applications - Distributed data base access

Using ISDN Single Line Service for high-speed access to the Internet requires you to subscribe to an Local Carrier (ie. US West) as well as Netalliance for the Internet Access. ISDN charges are billed to you directly by US West, but we handle the ordering of your line and the configuration so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

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