Netalliance provides a wide range of solutions for your virtual enterprise. We deliver complete packages from Network Internet Access, to On-line Catalogs, to Web Hosting.

internet access

Organizations today need to extend access to information systems access communications to people regardless of where they are located. The worldwide Internet is the public utility of the next century, offering a powerful communications medium without boundaries. Applications include transporting email, integrating distributed remote office computer systems and LANs to headquarters, as well as for transmission of data or graphic files and tapping humanity's knowledge-base through research on the World Wide Web.

Confused on how to choose and differentiate between Internet Service Providers? We've assembled some of the key questions potential Internet partners should be able to answer in "How to select an Internet Service Provider?"

network internet access

Connecting your corporate LAN to the Internet is our specialty. These solutions provide everyone on your LAN universal access to the services of the worldwide Internet. We combine the latest equipment and software with the right telecommunications technologies for your needs, providing your organization with fast, dependable, commercial-grade Network Internet Access.

Which technology is appropriate for your needs?
Frame Relay Rate-Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line (RADSL) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
  • Ideal for multiple-site organizations
  • Guaranteed throughput (CIR)
  • Proven Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • Carrier high-priority service
  • Universal availability
  • Low-cost Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • Low monthly costs by using existing telephone lines
  • Cost effective solution for smaller organizations
  • Guaranteed throughput
  • Proven Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • Near universal availability
  • Low-cost Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • Moderate monthly costs
  • High-cost Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
  • High monthly costs
  • Best suited to single-site organizations or small WANs
  • No guaranteed throughput (UBR); subject to traffic congestion
  • Unproven Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and technology
  • Carrier low-priority service
  • Limited availability
  • Best suited to single-site organizations
  • Carrier medium-priority service
  • Connection speed limited to 128 kbps maximum
SPEEDS 64 kbps to 1,544 kbps 256 kbps to 1,024 kbps 64 kbps to 128 kbps

All Network Internet Access packages include:
  • Support for your network workstations and on-site web, ftp, and e-mail servers
  • Unlimited Internet access
  • Connection Speeds from 64kkbps to 1,544kbps with a low 4:1 user ratio
  • Custom packet filtering firewall
  • Full DNS (Domain Name Server) and SMTP (e-mail server) services
  • Frame Relay, ADSL & ISDN circuits ordered and installed
  • On-site setup and installation of network equipment and servers
  • Internet software for Macintosh and Windows-95/NT workstations
  • Network administrator reference manuals
  • Network monitoring and technical support

personal internet access

Designed for the individual computer user that is looking for reliable internet access for applications like email and surfing the web, our Personal Internet Access provides excellent value.

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