Netalliance specializes in bringing RADSL Internet Connectivity to your organization.

We handle everything from the equipment procurement, coordination with telecommunications carriers, to firewalls and bringing your network up live on the Internet.

RADSL network internet access

Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line is a mouthful to say, but is simple to install. Riding on your existing or a new POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) line, RADSL finally offers a solution to the "World-Wide Wait" that modem users have lived with for so long. RADSL offers a good compromise between speed, cost, and service quality, but is not for every application. It is less expensive than Frame Relay or ISDN and has high data throughput, but does not offer bandwidth guarantees or meet the availability requirements for mission-critical networks.


  1. Speed... RADSL services start at 256kbps, and go up in 256kbps increments.
  2. Dedicated Link... RADSL is 'always on'; there's no dialing, problematic dialing software, or busy signals that modem users are all too familiar with.
  3. Quality... RADSL is an all-digital service implemented through ATM, the worldwide telephony standard for the 21st Century. The signal is error-free at the rated speed, with none of the electrical "noise" and dropped lines typical of analog systems.
  4. Make the most of your investment in hardware and software
  5. Enjoy easier access to global information networks
Since conventional, analog telephone lines are not designed to carry such large amounts of information, communication with the Internet via these connections can be both impractical and unacceptably slow. RADSL Service solves this problem and offers vastly improved performance by providing a high-speed, all-digital link to the public telephone network--and through it, to the Internet and commercial on-line services.

Perfect For:
  1. World-Wide-Web - not the World-Wide-Wait!
  2. File Transfer - Graphics, documents, files between groups
  3. Messaging - E-mail
  4. Client Server Applications - Distributed data base access

Using RADSL Service for high-speed access to the Internet requires installation of Local Exchange Carrier services (ie. US West) as well as Netalliance for the Internet Access. RADSL line charges are billed to you directly by US West, but we handle all the details of ordering of your line and the configuration so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

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