MailScreen services from Netalliance protect your e-mail mailboxes from viruses and the daily deluge of junk e-mail.

MailScreen e-mail Filtering Service

Block Junk e-Mail and Viruses

Like so many technologies, e-mail has both a positive, productivity-enhancing and empowering side, and a dark side. Unsolicited commercial e-mail ("spam") and virus- laden messages overwhelm the average user's mailbox, drowning the important and often time critical business communications in a sea of noise.

Does your company have a policy against junk e-mail, pornography and viruses but no way to enforce it? Take back control over your e-mail mailbox and your company's mail system with the MailScreen service from Netalliance. Our service interposes itself between the original sender and your mailbox or e-mail server, transparently and efficiently removing junk e-mail and virus-laden messages -- all under your control. Through our simple web-based interface, your network administrators and users can easily set the levels of protection they need, monitor the action of the MailScreen system, and conveniently review and dispose of quarantined messages.

Key Features

  • Works with any mail server system - whether you run your own or use your ISPs
  • Seamless Integration with your current mail system
  • Easy, user-level control over junk e-mail and virus filtering settings
  • Secure, web-based administration
  • Immediate active protection
  • ZERO message latency
  • Simple web interface for users

Junk e-Mail Filtering

Junk e-mail costs you money -- support costs, wasted bandwidth and storage for processing, and wasted administrator and support resources. With MailScreen, your systems and your users are protected without installation of new hardware or software, and without ongoing maintenance. Before junk e-mail hits your systems, messages are safely quarantined without burdening your resources.

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With junk e-mail constituting up to 40% of total e-mail traffic, MailScreen reduces the time wasted by your users and the processing workload on your e-mail systems. It also provides an effective front-line defense against denial of service attacks.

Filter Effectiveness
Filter Level Lenient Moderate Aggressive
Target spam catch rate 82-85% 87-92% 95-97%
False positive rate .0001 .001 .01

Virus Protection

95% of virus attacks to the desktop come from e-mail borne viruses -- with MailScreen, viruses are stopped before they reach your systems. Viruses today are designed with the malicious intent to propagate quickly and bring down your network.

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With our modern world's increasing reliance on the benefits and productivity power of e-mail, and with tech support costs climbing, even a minor virus incident can have far-reaching impacts on your organization, your customers, and your bottom line. MailScreen protects your resources and your users around the clock. By intercepting messages at the gateway, e-mail viruses are stopped BEFORE they reach your systems and servers.

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